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One of my specialties is Therapeutic Scrapbooking, also known as Scrapbook Therapy.

What is Therapeutic Scrapbooking?

Therapeutic Scrapbooking uses the same principles as Art Therapy but the medium of choice is scrapbooking. The Art Therapist counsellor will be there to guide, support, and encourage you through the process.

How is that different from the Scrapbooking I already do?

The biggest difference is that a trained Art Therapist is there for encouragement and support. There is an intentionality in the process that is different from scrapbooking on one’s own or in a crop.

What types of people do this?

I have worked with developmentally delayed seniors, children with ADHD, adult abuse survivors. Also, I have worked with people with grief and loss, PTSD, behavioural issues, and language delays. My background includes work with special needs children, especially those with behavioural issues, and I am presently working with developmentally delayed adults.

Seniors, adults, youth and children . . . Art therapy counselling works with all ages, genders, and issues.