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Life Story Scrapbooking Program

I developed this program as an introduction to Therapeutic Scrapbooking.  It is an eight week program which explores the issues of your life as follows:

week 1: Introduction/birth/family

week 2:  Early Years

week 3: Elementary School

week 4: High School

week 5: Young adult years

week 6: Career and beyond

week 7: Me now

week 8: Now what?

Each week you will bring and scrapbook the relevent photos.  We will not be doing pre-formatted layouts or prepared page kits.  I will provide support for any issues that arise, and a confidential space.

The weekly sessions will be two hours long in either a group or individual format; including time to scrapbook, time to reflect, and time to share.

Please phone 604-781-5489 for times and dates.