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“Mary, how did you get interested in Art Therapy?”

I get this question a great deal!

I worked as a Day Care Teacher for many years and found that a lot of the children had a lot of issues. The children couldn’t articulate their troubles but their behaviours were often rather extreme and their emotions were overflowing. The children were lacking resources and knowledge to deal with their troubles, and also lacking professional support. I wanted to find a way to help children and others - a way that did not rely on verbal dialogue.

I did a great amount of research in Play Therapy and found that it requires a Master’s Degree or some kind of Post-Bachelor’s Degree. So, I went back to school for my Bachelors of Applied Arts in Early Childhood Education, and I started taking workshops in Play Therapy.

In doing my own healing work I found that art, and in particular scrapbooking, was an amazing resource for me. Therefore, I entered the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and obtained my Diploma in Art Therapy.

I plan to take more Play Therapy courses in the future.

“But Mary, I didn’t know you had an art background!”

No, I don’t have an art background! (read the article: “don’t I have to be an artist?”)

However, I have been scrapbooking (in the modern sense) for seven + years, and have other scrapbooks dating back to when I was about nine years old. In fact, I have my own scrapbook workroom.

I have also ‘dabbled’ in creative writing, clay work, and railroad modelling. At VATI we were required to do our own Art Therapy work which involved working with paints, clay, pastals, and many other medium.