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The Heritage Scrapbooking program is an extension of the Lifestory Scrapbooking program.  It focuses on your family of origin - the family you grew up in.

It incoporrates the following weekly themes and discussions:

Week 1:    Introduction to genograms and  creating a family tree.

Week 2:    Creating your family tree.

Week 3:    My mom before marriage.

Week 4:    More about mom.

Week 5:    My dad before marriage.

Week 5:    More about dad.

Week 6:    My parent’s wedding.

Week 7:    The happy couple.

Week 8:    Putting it all together!

Each week you will bring and scrapbook the relevant photos and/or memorabilia.  We will not be doing preformatted layouts of prepared page kits.  Each weekly session will be two hours long; including time to scrapbook, time to reflect, and time to share.  This class is appropriate for both the experienced scrapbook artist and the novice.  I will provide a variety of supplies and materials.

Please phone 604-781-5489 for details on upcoming groups.